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Nicole Mc Laren is an internationally well-known belly dancer from Switzerland who participated in different show-ensembles. She performs in Switzerland and abroad mostly as a solo dancer for instance in Egypt, America, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Serbia, Mexico or South Africa.

She teaches regularly in Zurich and abroad.

Nicole has devoted herself intensively to belly dancing since 2001. She practiced Ballet and Jazz Dance for years before she turned to Oriental Dance. Although she enjoys performing the whole repertoire, one form of dancing has a special position for her: the whirling dance.

She is very fond of it; she gets lost in the magic of this dance and in its secret depth. For Nicole, it means "joy of life" and total immersion. It is a dance full of peace and strength, reflecting a deep mysticism.

From 2001 on Nicole attended the courses of Maya Farner and nearly as long those of Amira Shirazi. She danced five years in the showgroup of the Egyptian Khaled Seif. 2010/11 she has been part of the show ensemble Shirazia of Amira Shirazi. Additionally she danced for one year with Najma, the show group of Julie Streun. Moreover she works in a quartet with Lya Elcagu, Mirimah and Viviane Gerhard and dances in the Duo with Shantay the self-created style Tribal Fusion Martial Arts.

In the US Nicole attends classes in the renowned dance studios of Los Angeles: Millennium Dance Complex, Edge Performing Arts Center, International Dance Academy Hollywood and Dance Garden LA. Additionally, she was a member of the dance company Layla and the Lotus Dancers.

The following lecturers influenced her further edcuation:




Hossam and Serena Ramzy


Beata and Horacio Cifuentes

Hassan Afifi

As far as the whirling dance is concerned, Lara Jacobs (Dancing theater, Rigolo) and Khaled Seif were the source of Nicole's inspiration.

Lya Elcagu, Mirimah, Viviane Gerhard, Nicole McLaren

Tribal Fusion Martial Arts with Shantay

Khaled Seif Showgroup

Nicole dances to live music with her own band Harlekin that she founded in 2010. In the theater Herzbaracke in Zurich she danced with Harlekin; before that, she performed there for years with the Gypsy-Band Ssassa, with which she still works together.

Additionally, Nicole dances in the band Balkan Orient Ensemble.

Since 1999 she learns Kimura Shukokai Karate. Nicole fought in tournaments worldwide and reached the black belt (1. Dan).

She finalized her studies of Germanistics and Anglistics at the University of Zurich with the Master of Arts and works as a journalist.